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NorwayxReader - Sparkles
Age 7
"He-he! Norge, look at this!" you called over to the quiet boy sitting next to you, poking him in the shoulder.
Norway looked up with a blank expression on his face, only to have them quickly closed when he got rainbow sparkles in them (along with his face and hair).
You laughed, but stopped when you noticed he wasn't laughing.
"N-Nor? Are you okay?" you asked.
"No" he replied, getting out of his seat and feeling his way around the classroom filled with little kids his age and over to the teacher. You felt kind of bad when he had to leave school early. Denmark was laughing though.
Age 12
You gulped. Today was your first day of 7th Grade, and also your first time going to a Jr. High, and it was nerve-racking. You looked over at Norway, who was standing next to you with the same blank expression as when he was younger, showing no signs of nervousness. You then looked over at Denmark on the other side of you, who looked back at you with a toothy grin, as always. You could t
:iconpachipachi11:PachiPachi11 140 26
Request for otaku-wolfs-xD

"Cupcakes?" you shrieked, horrified. Your fist clenched around the used-to-be perfect assignment sheet. "It's the first day of school, and we're going to make cupcakes?!"
Your friend, Eliza, rubbed your back sympathetically. "Well, I know you absolutely suck at cooking, but at least it couldn't get worse than this, right?" she said with an encouraging smile.
You were about to agree when your eyes drifted to the seating charts. Then you felt like you wanted to die all over again. Your jaw nearly unhinged, not believing what you saw. "(y/n)?" Eliza asked in an concerned tone.
You grabbed the arm of your Hungarian friend, dragging her to a quieter part of the corridor. "I have to sit next to Lukas!" you whisper-shouted. A massive blush spread across your cheeks.
Eliza sucked her teeth, throwing her arms in the air. "Well, now it can't get worse." you groaned. Eliza raised an eyebrow. "I thought you liked Luk
:iconcoldvixen:ColdVixen 615 115
NorwayXreader: dipped in butter
contains, like, 2 (not even bad) bad words...felt like I should put that out, yeah... ENJOY!
You gave the war cry as you ran down the halls of the quiet Nordic house. You ran into the living room to see Denmark, Norway, and Iceland. Everyone stared t you with pure confusion, until they saw what you were wearing.
You were Denmark's out fit, along with his heavy-ass axe. He jaw dropped.
"______! DON`T YOU DARE!" He got up from the table and tried to tackle you, but you ran out of the way. "WHY AARE YOU WEARING MY CLOTHES?!"
"You mean your ONLY pair of clothes?" You raised a brow. Hinting to him. He stared at you like 'WAT.' but then ran to his room.
He slammed open his closet doors to see NOTHING. You had completely hid ALL his clothes:
No shirts...
No pants... underwear.
You handed Norway the big axe and winked at him. "Quick, hide this somewhere! I gotta change!" Norway and a small smile
:iconprocrastinator-otaku:procrastinator-otaku 738 423
What's Wrong With Me?- Teen!Sherlock x Teen!Reader
I pulled my jacket closer to my body as I trailed up the steps towards the library. He had to be here, there was no other place I could think of.
Well, his mother had informed me that he was here. He hasn't been home in around two days. I bet he's starving. He'll state that he isn't but I can see through the veil of his lies. He can't lie to me. He never can and never will.
I fix the bag on my shoulder before pushing the door open. It creaked. I wish it hadn't. The place was almost silent - with the exception of people breathing, pages turning and the occasional cough.
I walk up to the reception desk. A frail woman sat behind it, her grey hair pulled into a bun and her glasses sat on the bridge of her nose.
I cough. "Excuse me?"
She looks up at me. She smiles faintly. "How can I help you?"
"I'm, um, looking for someone. He's been here since Monday and I'm assuming he hasn't left," I look over my shoulder. A few people are staring at me. "He's got crazy curly hair, he's a little taller
:iconpandaexperience:PandaExperience 310 50
Making Friends - Child!Sherlock x Child!Reader
"He's weird."
"He's a freak that's what he is. My mum says his whole family is a bunch of freaks."
"I like him." The young girl said in the middle of her friends.
Her (h/l) (h/c) was tied into two separate pigtails with (f/c) ties. She wore her uniform neatly with her school tie pushed up to her neck, however, she had the first button of her shirt undone and her cardigan hung open. Her socks pulled up to her knees and her shoes only had a few scuffs on the toes.
"What?" Her friend Jake turned to her, his brown hair irritating his eyes. He furrowed his small brows at her, his brown eyes flashing with confusion. His shoes had been scuffed severely while his shirt hung out from his trousers and his tie hung loosely around his neck.
"How can you like him? He's so mean." Her other friend Tamsin spoke up. Her long brown hair had been pulled back into a high ponytail. Her uniform was roughly the same as hers, expect her cardigan had been buttoned up.
"He doesn't have that many friends-"
"He d
:iconpandaexperience:PandaExperience 431 88
When I'm King, I'll make you my queen
Child!Loki X Child!Reader
Loki-9 years
Reader- 8 Years
Thor-11 years
Loki was free.
Finally free.
Loki and Thor were grounded for playing tricks on all their tutors. The All-Father knew about this so he punished the both of them. Thor, of course claimed he was,'Innocent'. Loki did try to convince it was all Thor's fault, but this was his first offence. So, it was quite obvious who really did all the pranking, and tricking.
Thor did however contribute to it, so he was punished, but not as severely as his younger brother.
Loki felt as though, Thor and him were not equals, especially in his father's eyes. Most children would have thought it was an age difference, but Loki thought of other reasons, and did not like it.
Back to what was happening, Loki headed towards the garden, where his mother and great friend (Name) would be practicing magic.
(Name) was Frigga's apprentice, in learning magic, so they got along well. He got really attached to her, when learning she was trying to lea
:iconanimewhofan001:animewhofan001 182 26
Another Nekozawa x Reader
(Name) was one of the majority rich teens who went to Ouran High School, unfortunately she wasn't born with a silver spoon in her mouth. Up until a few years ago, when she was barely fourteen, her mother recently married a rich billionaire man.  Now, two years later, (Name) was still getting used to her new lifestyle. Her new step-father was so rich, that he had maids and butlers for everything.
He even got more for her and her mother's needs, while her mother was enjoying this life you weren't.
Your mother deserved this kind of luxury, but not you, you didn't need or want it. Your mother had been working several jobs and tried to make time for you. She was a single mom, but she was also a strong woman.
You on the other hand, were perfectly fine putting your clothes on, brushing your teeth, and riding your bike to school. The maids and butlers also never seemed to stop pestering you, you told them you were glad to do everything by yourself, but they never seemed to take 'no' as an
:iconanimewhofan001:animewhofan001 44 6
Nekozawa X Reader
     ~Santra ba dra winzra nana~
     The words flowed smoothly off your tongue, and the pile of cloth in front of you turned into a small doll.
     "Very good. You always amaze me with how quickly you learn." A pair of arms wrap themselves around your waist. You turned and smiled up at your boyfriend of four months, Nekozawa. Ever since that one day in the host club, you two had gotten closer and closer until he eventually asked you out. However, with that you had drifted far away from your friend f/n and everyone else in the school.
     "Thanks. It's awesome to finally be good at something other than keeping up high grades." 
     "Nonsense, ____. You are beautiful, and good at making me laugh. Also you are good at other things." He smiled mischievously.
     "OH? like what?" You smiled back even more devilishly. You knew what he meant, you just wanted him to give you an example.
:icongrellftw:GrellFTW 110 80
Nekozawa X reader ~ outcasts
         You sat in the lunch room as you did what you always did in here: you studied these people, learned about them. These kinds of people fascinate you. This is a school for the rich, a class to which you would never belong. You were poor, and had only gotten into this school due to your high intelligence level.
        You had just begin to watch two twins begin yet another tiresome game of "guess who" when you heard a very familiar voice behind you.
        "Ah, ______, there you are." (f/n), your sole friend at this school came and say next to you.
        "(f/n)? Why aren't you sitting with the host club?"
        "Because they can entertain themselves. You, on the other hand, looked bored and lonely. Simply watching people isn't good for you. You need to get out and- God forbid it- speak to them." That made you laugh, since (f/n) was always trying to get you to speak to pe
:icongrellftw:GrellFTW 123 41
NekozawaXReader Hopeless Romantic
     Nekozawa sat down at his desk in the quiet room, hidden at the back of the Black Magic Club. As the Black Magic Club’s president, he tries to get people to join his club, though he isn't very successful. He lightly pushed his hood off his head so that only his black wig was revealed- something he would only do now since all members of his club had been dismissed. “Beelzenef, we are alone at last,” he told his cat puppet and lightly moved his fingers so that the puppet’s arms moved up and down. With his other hand, the mysterious boy began to write in his journal. The room was dimly lit, with few candles lit about the room- these candles made strange shadows dance across the walls. Merchandise such as dolls used to curse students lined the many shelves that Nekozawa himself had stocked and the room, despite the lack of light could easily be called neat and organized. Nekozawa worships cats along with his other occult beliefs.
:iconpokemonsoulsm:pokemonsoulsm 497 114
Loki X Reader: The Good Girl
        Today was just one of those days that you would do anything to be home, sleeping, reading, and watching (your favorite TV show) rather than being stuck in class. It wasn't that you didn't like school, that wasn't it at all. You were known in your classes for being very intelligent. You were that girl who everyone wanted to pair up with when the teacher assigned a project or the girl who everyone wanted to sit next to during a test. But today, after spending such a long night helping Tony and Bruce in the lab, you were completely exhausted.
"Since you all may know by now, the state writing exam will be sometime next week. We haven't gotten the schedules for it yet, but I could bet that you will be taking said test during this period on whatever day they assign for us to go to the computer lab. So, be prepared and review over your review sheets because you need to know everything for the exam." Mr. Bullock's monotone voice did nothing but encourage your t
:iconfollowingthecreed:FollowingTheCreed 246 2,800
Loki x Reader: The Feeling of Not Belonging
        Over a certain period of time the feeling of not belonging had crawled it's way into your heart as well as your mind and it hasn't departed. The only thing it has served to do is create doubt and insecurity in addition to the incredible amount of sadness that you have been expertly hiding for months now. The problem, per se, is rooted to the fact that you are dating the infamous Loki Laufeyson. It isn't that you don't love him; that isn't true at all. The love that both of you share is uncommonly special to the point where either of you would do absolutely anything for each other. The problem was that Loki was the adoptive son of Odin and Frigga, two of the most wealthy people on Earth.
Now is probably the time when most people start to wonder why this is such a problem? It would be amazing to be dating someone who would inherit billions of dollars, wouldn't it? Perhaps it would be if you were also of the same social class. To put things in perspec
:iconfollowingthecreed:FollowingTheCreed 246 105
The Love Confession 3 (Grell x Reader)
The Love Confession
(Grell x Reader 3)
(Author’s note:  Here is part 3 as requested by “BlueBird853”!  I hope you enjoy it :D!)
“Isn’t it wonderful~!”  Grell exclaimed in the most girlish way imaginable.  You grinned as you glanced around the garden.  The theme was red.  There were red tablecloths on the tables, red roses, and even the chairs were made of cherrywood.  You had insisted on a white accent, however.  Too much red made your head hurt (which was ironic considering you were marrying a Shinigami obsessed with the color red).
“You’ve been planning this for a long time, haven’t you?” You asked flatly.  An anime sweat-drop appeared on your forehead.
“Mmmhmm~!”  Grell smiled, flashing you his jagged teeth.  He kicked his heel up and clasped his hands.  “I never imagined I’d be marrying you, though!”
You arched an eyebrow curiously. &
:iconanimeartistren:AnimeArtistRen 256 72
The Love Confession 2 (Grell x Reader)
The Love Confession 2
(Grell x Reader)
“Aww, come on!  Pretty please with cherries on top~?”
You sighed irritably and tossed back a Tylenol.  It was only lunch time and a migraine was already starting to form at the base of your skull.  “Is it just me or do all of our conversations sound like this?”
Grell tapped his chin with his forefinger thoughtfully then shrugged.  His eyes widened as he noticed that you were already half way across the room.
          “But why not, ______?”  He asked.  You rolled your eyes and turned to face your strange, but affectionate boyfriend.  His emerald eyes were large and pleading, rimmed with mascara-lengthened lashes and his usual red framed spectacles.
“Because,” you replied.  “All I want for my birthday is for us to spend a nice quiet evening tog
:iconanimeartistren:AnimeArtistRen 334 199
Loki x reader You are my sunshine
You are my sunshine

“Loki! Wait up!” You yelled, running fast across the field to get to the prince “Hurry up (y/n)! Your gonna miss it!”
My only sunshine
That was years ago, when you two were still young “Loki… This is not funny anymore!- just wait up for me!” You said sitting down on the grass “(y/n) this is a tradition for us, come on!” “Carry me!” You said flailing your arms out in the air. Loki had ran back to you “you should never jest around like that” he said before he picked you up “who said I was jesting?”
You make me happy
You two have been dating since forever “loki! This is a first… hurry up” you yelled from behind you “Loki?”
when skies are grey…
“(Y/n).. Im a monster” “what?” You said, standing up from your bed “(y/n) sta
:iconkgirl29:kgirl29 26 18
Loki x Reader: Insanity
        That evening was filled with nothing except excited conversation. You were there as you always were, sitting on the other side of the barrier of Loki's cell, looking like the most gorgeous women in the nine realms in Loki's opinion. You had always been a very attractive women and you've always had many suitors. And though many had tried to win your heart, Loki had done so without even trying. Yes, he did many horrible things. Yes, he was a person that was broken beyond what could easily be fixed. But he was your best friend from childhood and the man who owned your heart.
And you would always love him. No matter what.
"I do not like my appearance." You said as you talked. "Everyday I look worse."
"What are you talking about, my dearest? You look like a goddess. You shine brighter with unmatched beauty as each day passes, especially now. You look glorious as you carry my child."
You were five mo
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